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What Is ‘Give Voice’?

Give Voice‘ is my 2nd record and a very special project for charity.  I want to provide support and inspiration for those struggling with a major life challenge.  The songs I’ve written are inspired by different people that have something to voice but can’t for one reason or another; a mute and deaf boy in a wheel chair, an Afghanistan girl who committed suicide as a protest for her freedom and a 9-year old boy with Autism.

Some of the charities and nonprofits we have been working with on their fundraisers, events and awareness campaigns are SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Joey Travolta Film Camp for Autistic kids, Parents in Toto Autism Resource Center, Servant Song Ministries and 2ndSam9, Inc.. We are still looking for a partnering charity where we can work together toward the same goals. We hope to create benefit performances and events live and online to bring more awareness to these causes and share the inspirational music of Give Voice. We also look to start the Give Voice Outreach Program. It is an awesome music program for Autistic and special needs kids to express themselves through singing and songwriting and also has a fundraising program that allows kids to voice their personal story through the arts and build self-esteem by helping others. The charity we partner with will receive donations from all record sales proceeds, events, performances and fundraising programs.

Most recently, we have started working with an innovative nonprofit organization, HelpFreely.org, who is raising funds for nonprofits around the world. With HelpFreely, you can do your online shopping and take part of what you spend and give it to your favorite charity without paying anything extra. If you are interested, you can learn more through my referral link: Carla’s HelpFreely Legend Page.

Last year, we ran an Indiegogo Campaign and raised the funds to record the EP! It was released in December 2015 and is now available at all digital outlets. Check out Give Voice on ITunes .

But more still needs to be done from outreach programs to promotional and marketing efforts.  Please check out the video that tells more!

Also, check out the first song produced for the EP which was part of the 2015 National Autism Conference ceremonies, ‘Through the Spectrum‘ written for Autism. 

If you’d like to contribute to the Give Voice project or would like a physical copy of the CD (unavailable online), please make a donation to Carla Bianco Music and send to PO Box 757, Coraopolis PA  15108.

If you are a nonprofit or charity organization and are interested in working with the Give Voice Project, please contact us at carlabiancomusic@gmail.com

Thanks to Goodnet.org for the great article! Click here

Together we can give back with ‘Give Voice‘!

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